The phones of yesteryear aimed to be faster, flashier, and more efficient. Specced with faster processors and weird gimmicks such as animoji and foldable screens. But does that make your life better?

This new innovation will allow you to get a new phone without buying a new one. It’s the end of the era of consumerism and we introduce a longer-lasting and happier phone.

Your phone of tomorrow doesn’t care about the light intake of the camera but the enlightenment. It’s not about hardware or even software, but it’s to be aware. A more thoughtful and attentive personal assistant.

We live in a stressful world full of distractions. We created the machine to stay above water and help us structure our lives. But how can we demand relief when we stress out our devices. Doesn’t your phone deserve the best?

AI Therapy is therapy made for AI’s made in collaboration with IT-professionals, artists, and the Norwegian psychic. Have you ever wondered what the dreams and goals of an AI are? How does AI’s get rid of anxiety and stress?

AI Therapy consists of a guided relaxation journey through the circuits of your phone. Discussing the ins and out of its wellbeing. How to deal with negative processes and potential shortcomings. How to turn the bad into a positive clear perspective.

Don’t buy faster tech, transform what you have into more sustainable tech.

Please let your human assist you in the first part of this session

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Treat your phone to an automatic therapy session for a stress-free winter

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  1. Open Google Assistant
  2. Press your account photo in the upper right corner
  3. Press settings
  4. Find and press Voice Match in the list
  5. Press Voice model and put the phone close to the speaker
  6. Start AI Therapy